How to reset ZMD under SLES 10

Recently while updating SuSE SLES 10 servers to prep for P2V conversions, I needed to re-register with Novell to pull down the latest updates. I ran into a few issues where some would not register (using both YaST and suse_register) and others would give SP3 dependency warnings. At first I thought that I would need to do an offline upgrade to SP4 as indicated by various online posts, but there had to be another way. It turns out that resetting ZMD (settings, database, registrations, etc.) corrected all of the problems that I was running into. A few rare cases came up where I needed to run the reset once to register, perform updates, and then run again to get rid of SP3 warnings.

Before running the following commands, open YaST and go to Software -> Installation Source and remove anything pointing to

/etc/init.d/novell-zmd stop
rm -R /var/cache/zmd/*
rm /var/lib/zmd/zmd.db
rm /etc/zmd/deviceid
rm /etc/zmd/secret
rm /var/lib/zmd/subscriptions
rm /var/cache/SuseRegister/lastzmdconfig.cache
/etc/init.d/novell-zmd start
suse_register -a regcode-sles=[REGCODE] -a email=[REGEMAILADDRESS] -L /tmp/suse.log

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