Fixing SMB credential prompt delay issues with Mac OSX 10.7

Recently a client approached me and mentioned that their OSX 10.7 system could no longer connect to Windows file shares. Well, it turns out that they will connect, it just takes OSX about 5 minutes to show the credentials dialog box. This can get quite annoying when you are connecting to multiple servers and shares. While testing, it didn’t really matter if I used the server name or IP address; either would hang for minutes at a time. From an end-user perspective they would mention network issues and slowdowns, but in the end it was MacOS related and not networking.

  • HANG – smb://someserver/someshare/
  • HANG – smb://
  • HANG – smb://someserver/
  • HANG – smb://

The “Connecting to Server” dialog would also appear, but the progress bar would keep scrolling. So far nothing was working!

After looking more into the issue I began to think that it had to do with Apple removing Samba from OSX 10.7 which seemed like a logical idea and maybe there was a bug somewhere causing the workstations not to work correctly with the SMB protocol. However, these users previously used the shares with 10.7, so now what? I then added a new account to the workstation and everything worked as it should. Now the issue is not with the overall operating system, but something in the users profile. Recreating each user’s profile would fix the issue but that is too frustrating on them and time consuming on me. I uncovered the solution and wanted to post it here for others that may be seeing the same thing.

  1. Open a Terminal window
  2. Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences by typing: cd Library/Preferences
  3. Rename the .GlobalPreferences file by typing sudo mv .GlobalPreferences.plist .OLD_GlobalPreferences.plist
  4. Enter your password to get privileged access.
  5. Restart the workstation.

After the reboot, I opened the Connect to Server dialog again by pressing Option-K, typed in smb://someserver/someshare and this time I received the login dialog box in a few seconds.

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